SM 888-N
Ultrasonic Hot-Fix Setting Machine
* Products such as ultrasonic or heater and others can be manufactured tailored to customers¡¯ requirements.
* Fast and precise
* Can stitch 2-6 mm rhinestones
* Convenient operation
* Provides environment for smooth movement and easy operation even by novices.
* Humidity is automatically removed.
* Power: single-phase 220 V (50/60 Hz)
* Air pressure: 5-6kg/cm2
* Setting speed: 20-120 rhinestones/min
* Rhinestone: 2.0-6.0¥Õ
* Application: women¡¯s clothes, inner wear, T-shirt, label, jean, belt, bag, cap, accessories, etc.
* Dimensions: 600 mm*550 mm*1.100 mm
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